Pourqoui je blog… not blague… mais, write!



I’ve started and stopped blogging since I was around 15 years old. Writing, whether it be on scratch paper, in a journal, or on-line, gives me a sense of calm and it has acted as an outlet for emotions for me since I picked up a pen and mastered the art of communication. People ask me why I blog, and why I don’t just keep a journal… here’s the answer: I do both. I like the feel of ink to paper, I love doodling in my journal, I love using so many different texts while writing but I also really enjoy the act of typing, the look of a website with MY writing on it, I like knowing people are following what I write and are interested in what I say.

I don’t always have a theme for my blogs… and, well, most of the time I actually don’t even try to think about one. I know there are plenty of people out on the web that write about certain things such as cooking, jewelry making, women’s rights, phobias, airline business, etc… but I prefer to write what my heart desires. I prefer to write what is most important to me at the moment – I don’t want to be confined to one particular topic. I want to write about my ALL of my interests which range from fashion to HIV/AIDS to food to maternal and child health to childhood memories to the bottom of the ocean. 

So if you choose to follow this blog then be prepared to be frustrated by either the excess amount of blog posts or the neglectful lack thereof. I tend to lean towards one or another – but, if I can manage, I would like to update at least once a week. This, of course, will need to start when I’m back in the United States.  I will give y’all a fair warning right now – many of my blogs will be Peace Corps related, but I assure you, I will eventually run out of things to say that start with: “One time in West Africa” or “When I was a Peace Corps volunteer.” I will also try to keep this blog more interesting by posting photos, videos, quotes and links to whatever I’m discussing.

Alors, je blog. pourquoi pas?

ps. My blog address: Oiseau(French) Tori(Japanese) Pajara(Spanish) = three birds, and three languages I would like to be competent in. One down, two to go.